vivre en simplicité

[whoa. last time an outfit post went up, my hair was still b l o n d e. sorry about that timelapse, crew + lol at the amount of hairstyles we've been through together.]

alright alright, time to settle in for quick life update >> my dreams have been evolving. my priorities have been changing. this has been a big transition year. some days i've been too hard on myself and others i've been too lax, but it's just the season i've been in: the season of trying to figure things out. i've learned some stuff along the way, and hope a finding or two resonates with where you are in your own life. 

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
— Lao Tzu

by day, i've planted myself at a long admired florist shop and it has been a pretty lovely landing spot. it is demanding work where i've gotten my hands dirty, but it has proven fulfilling. i love hard work. and projects. i've pushed myself to learn a new industry + trade, and with every new floral design or happy client, i feel more confident in my abilities. there's something amazing about stepping outside what you know x stretching to grow. ew. didn't mean for that to rhyme. but really. try it. you'll probably surprise yourself! i've learned whether thinking in terms of fashion, home interiors, or florals... it all flows back to the same artful sensibility. the basic understanding of color, texture, and scale x how they all work together. 


i've been busily photographing content for the shop, which has been rewarding in and of itself to see how my personal aesthetic can translate over to a different medium [went ahead and posted a li'l sampling here, in case that kinda thing interests you].   

an added layer of cool has been working alongside my family's floral business. my parents own a wholesale flower farm, that actually helps stock the very company i'm now working for.  rad, huh?  

now, about this shoot.  it's no secret that i've kind of been keeping a low profile lately [by design].  it has just been a retrospective chapter, and i found that so much of my identity / self worth was intertwined with the pressure of being considered a fashion plate every damn day.  i was taking myself too seriously. it became a pressure i put on myself. it ended in burn out x then craving a switch to 'vivre en simplicité' [live in simplicity]. anyone with me? don't get me wrong-- i still love wearing beautiful things, but lately i've been spending most days in levi's, wranglers, imogen + willie, neckerchiefs, undone hair, and minimal makeup... so i've thought "no one wants to see this version of me! it isn't as interesting" but wait. isn't it? it's real / authentic / hardworking fashion. who knows. time will tell if you guys still wanna tune in, i suppose. [hope you do!] 

styling clients have heard me say over the years "it has to fit your lifestyle,"  and i continue to stand behind that, now more than ever. basically, i give wayyyy less f*cks. and it feels glorious. i'm more gentle with myself, and with others, but have also gotten better with setting boundaries.

life is too short to live any other way. 

most pieces i'm wearing are still stocked in stores, so be sure to cruise the links below.

shop the look :: vivre en simplicité t-shirt, zady | newsboy cap, ralph lauren | cropped high-rise stovepipe jean [under $40!] + fisherman pullover, abercrombie & fitch [i knoww, right?] | victorian bangles, mae's emporium | platform shoe, target | images, freckled fox photography | hair, nicole shipley for luxe | florals, flora | location, freckled hen farm

this blog has been such a refreshing sounding board over the years, and i thank those of you who have been with me since the beginning [heyyy tulip louise], as well as any first-time visitors xx

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