the line

this 1930's dress was the first thing i scooped up after finding out i'd be attending fashion week in australia.  when pulling the trigger on it, i still had a zillion question marks about what i needed to pack for the trip-- it was winter in australia, while summer in arkansas.  "do i take suede and leather?" or "chambray and denim?" my rationale in getting this vintage piece was because a) it's insanely gorgeous and i've never seen anything like it b) i figured a sheer nod could feel winter or summer, based on styling-- so, voila! 

what you can't see from these pictures, is that one entire side of the dress [underarm to hip] was held together with safety pins + one woman's hellbent determination to not move said arm. that's just what happens with super delicate vintage that was made before helicopters were invented [+ not enough time for this modern woman to get things to the tailor].

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while thumbing through W Magazine's roundup up 'The Grand Finale of Australia Fashion Week Street Style' i freaked out when i spotted this image of me heading into the carriageworks for shows-- what a cool surprise [safety pins and all]! 

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