recently i've been feeling most myself with unfussy styling x stripped down makeup -- it makes me feel my best [i.e. think cardigan buttoned all the way up, as a top-- oversized always]. isn't it cool how personal style evolves to suit whatever stage you are in life?  i fought it for a while x am sure i'll circle back around to layers of jewelry and 4" heels in the near future... but for now, i'm subscribing to the notion that less actually may be more.    

ralph lauren spring '17 collection was all western americana inspired x fresh on the mind, so i knew this fringed leather jacket was destined to come home with me as soon as i spotted her hanging at a favorite vintage haunt of mine. [reminiscent, in my mind, of look 7]  

shop the look :: hat, janessa leone // fringe jacket, vintage // cardigan + vintage 501s, greydog // boots, vince // everyday jewelry, family heirlooms // handbag, banana republic [!] // pinky ring, cartier // images, mgb

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