new york sendoff

hello lovelies!  oh, how i've missed you.  we have so much to catch up on, and we will do just that!  ok, first?  the elephant in the room.  you must know that since last blogging, i have taken a swan dive and moved to new york!  {oh em gee} saying / typing the words still feels foreign, but in a good way.  ever since my internship in the city {many moons ago}, i have felt a pull to move back... but it just wasn't the proper time.  the apartment hunt was pretty grueling, but the prize is the cutest little loft e-v-e-r.  for what she lacks in square footage, she makes up for in charm {think sky high windows, a marble fireplace, mahogany ceilings, and a bathtub}!  i landed in manhattan, bordering the upper east side, and i must admit that writing my zip code makes my heart skip a beat.  has it finally happened?  

photo credit {left}, meredith mashburn // {right} keely yount

before leaving arkansas, my nearest and dearest friends joined me for a little going away fete.  it was an amazing night, filled with so much love... and i couldn't be more grateful to everyone that came to see me off.  my mom flew up with me, and was a huge help in getting everything settled.  we came up in the middle of New York Fashion Week, so while i ran off to shows {in between unpacking boxes} mom would hang back and keep things moving... and for that i can't thank her enough!  i haven't found a local photographer for blog photos yet, so here are a few snapshots of some of my favorite recent looks...  

i'm heading back down to Arkansas tomorrow, to cover NWA Fashion Week!  while i'm there, i have some shoots lined up so i'll be serving up some quality photos very soon.  have a fantastic day!  xx