shaggy chic

hi lovelies, did you have a nice weekend?  it was pretty relaxing over here with a lot of family time and rest, which is precisely what i needed.  last night we saw the film the perks of being a wallflower, one of my favorite little books.  now that i'm looking at the picture above, i too look like a wallflower!  right?  :)  the fall weather has been really nutty here, so dressing in layers is key--  under my cozy fur vest, is a strapless lace number.  it was cold when i dressed, but i actually ended up peeling off my layers at one point.  i love a monochromatic look more than you can ever know, but i broke this one up with a thin pink belt to cut the bulk of the vest.  what do you think?  

fur vest, adrienne landau {as seen here} // gold acrylic cuff, via cooee // lace dress, vintage via cheap thrills // pink belt, via target // lipgloss, l'oreal raspberry smash // gold hardcase clutch, tj maxx  // photos by keely yount

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