the reject folder, revealed.

since beginning this crazy thing called fashion blogging, there has been an ever growing "reject folder" conveniently located on my laptop desktop.  a photo graveyard, if you will, for outfit photos i don't believe are good enough to post.  a few reasons why an image can be held in this limbo?  it can be due to a number of things-- silly facial expressions, wardrobe malfunctions, distracting backgrounds, etc.  while i love editing through proofs on jobs, i think my pickiness is hindering productivity on this little blog.  the sooner i come to grips with the fact that none of the 30 second outfit shots are ever going to be 'perfect,' the better off we will be.  let's all choose to give ourselves a break today and be less critical!

i'll start.  here are a few photos that have been collecting dust inside the "reject folder". . .

bag, hayden-harnett // shades, rayban // shirt, f21 // cut-offs, f21 // platforms, dolce vita 
bloom, anthropologie // dress, bcbg // shades, rayban // earrings, f21
panama hat, jcrew // top, sugar lips // heels, michael kors
earrings, vintage // maxi dress, f21 // sandals, kelsi dagger // sweater, vintage // necklace, dahlia lynn
top, f21 // cut- offs, f21
shirt + skort, bcbg // heels, jeffrey campbell // shades, rayban // jewelry, mixed
button up, lilly pulitzer // shades, betsey johnson // bloom, anthropologie // skirt, bcbg // sandals, vince camuto
yours truly-