speed of light.

taken in downtown st. louis last weekend {obvs. overdue for a haircut}
it's 2AM and i should totally be sleeping.  while i wish i could report back that i was on an exotic yacht in the greek isles over the past week, it just isn't so.  life has been moving too quickly, and {sadly} left much to be desired on the inspiration front.  my world has recently consisted of weddings, packing clients for summer trips + honeymoons, personal shopping for recent college grads, seasonal touchups for the faithful, purging closets, guest blogging aaaaannnd eating a lot of candy.  {i digress}.  i feel like i owe you guys a treat for being so patient -- thank you for sticking with me.

on that note, is there anything you would like to see me discuss on the blog?  suggestions are always more than welcome.  i've missed you!

yours truly-