the hunt.

ever since i was a little girl, i've always loved digging for clothes.  the rare case when mr. tulip louise and i are shopping together, he sweetly offers to carry my shopping bags and i always reply with the same two words. . . "got it!"  he says i like to carry my "hunt" and i figure he's totally right.

when i get home from digging at a shop, i can't wait to spread out all of my loot.  after a recent trip to a favorite vintage shop, i did just that and decided to document with pictures!  the cream + gold jacket is such a beaut -- she's part of a dress set, which will definitely be worn as separates.  the yellow number makes me so happy with the accordion pleating and cheery hue.  the highlighter frame purse was a no brainer and the blue tunic has a tie that can be bow'd, which i'm always a sucker for. . . 

don't be leery to pick up vintage earrings -- once i treat these cuties with some rubbing alcohol and a thorough scrub, they will be good as new. . . only better!

yours truly-