blue suede shoes, rerouted.

shades, betsey johnson // earrings, target // hat, banana republic 
this is what i wore for a lovely saturday night date with husband. . . which ultimately ended in the emergency room.  i know, right?  {although if you follow @tuliplouise on twitter, you already know this!}  we were finally released from the hospital last night and he is most definitely on the mend, thank goodness.  the past few days have been consumed with throw up pans, mediocre meals, checking vitals at 3am, stretchers, sleeping in a chair, catching up on gossip girl and subpar outfits.

after playing nurse for a few days, i needed a bit of alone time so i tended to that need in the best way i know how. . . a visit to a favorite local vintage shop!  it's so awesome when the college kids leave town for summer, because it leaves the crazy good pieces behind for the rest of us to play with.  needless to say, i had a {much needed} hay day with the gift certificate mr. tulip louise gifted me for my birthday!  i'm happy to report that the outfits + snacks are quickly improving:

thanks for all of your love + support the past few days -- you're the greatest.

p.s. my fave betsey johnson sunnies are only $50 here!

yours truly-