the O{M}G bag.

bag, Lo & Sons // sundress, forever 21 // cardigan, jcrew // belt, vintage // leopard lace ups, forever 21
remember this recent post, when i announced that mom and i had each won O.G. bags via Lo&Sons?  well, the bags have safely arrived and i couldn't be more pleased.  like many of you, my job requires that i carry quite a bit of "gear" everyday {i.e. macbook, camera, rolling rack, notebooks, etc} so i quickly end up resembling a wannabe cast member of the beverly hillbillies.  needless to say, i could hardly wait to take my new bag out for a spin and after traveling with it this weekend i may be in love.  please be sure to check out this adorable promotional video that will walk you through all the cool features. . . and let me know what you think!

yours truly-