i forgot my blogger login.

dress, forever 21 // belt, family heirloom // shoes, steve madden // necklace, dahlialynn
no, but really. . . sorry about the hiatus.  things have been crazy busy around here, which means i have some really exciting things to share with you in the upcoming weeks!  until then, i'll fill ya in on a few high points from last week:

1- our wedding was featured on Apartment 34 !  {click here for the full story}:

2- mamasita and i won the Lo & Sons Mother's Day Giveaway! which included 2 free {amazing} handbags and 2 free round trip tickets {anywhere in the U.S. of A.} // now we just have to decide when + where!!!  any great suggestions?

3-  on a related note, i will be announcing the first ever tulip louise giveaway tomorrow!  a quick hint:

check back tomorrow, for the deets!

yours truly-