first {ever} giveaway : a DahliaLynn necklace!

here he, here he.  today marks the opening of the very first tulip louise giveaway, and what better way to break the chain than with a beautiful piece of jewelry from DahliaLynn?!  the nashville based designer handcrafts these exquisite beauties that transform any dull outfit into a memorable showstopper.  to die for, i tell ya {and i'm not just sayin' that because she's a dear friend}. 

the piece that's up for grabs?  the "Faylynn," which retails for $140 buck-a-roos:

omg, omg, omg -- is it not gorgeous?!  i had to try her on.

to enter, follow DahliaLynn on bloglovin and leave a comment below.  winner will be drawn next week.

good luck!