escapades of nyc: the dining + nightlife.

manhattan is the city in which my deeply rooted passion for the fashion industry grew {and grew and grew. . .}, where i learned to stand up for myself, where i mastered the art of hailing a taxi and it is also the place in which my now husband asked me to marry him.  needless to say, the city has a very special place in my heart!  as fabulous as it is, it can be equally overwhelming so i always love a good recommendation.  here are a few of the places we hit up last weekend:

Arturo's {106 W. Houston} for coal oven pizza:

Balthazar {80 Spring Street} for brunch {eggs benedict = to die for}:

Buddakan {75 9th Avenue} for dinner {kung pao monkfish = delish}:

Cafe Habana {17 Prince Street} for grilled corn {been 5+ times and it's always a treat}:

Alta {64 W. 10th Street} for dinner {tapas + red sangria}:

Dove Parlor {228 Thompson Street} for low key cocktails:

SL {409 W. 14th Street} for upbeat cocktails:

now, if you ever find yourself lost in the city. . . you have a few recommendations from a friend!  have any favorites you're dying to share?

yours truly-