TL : eight things.

wow!  my lists continue to grow {and grow}, don't they?  here are my most recent eight:

1-  yummy new highlighter crossbody, for the days i'm feeling minimal.
2-  blue manicure // anxiously tapping my foot for springtime weather.
3-  my new melted 'do.
4-  some of the fun items from a recent photoshoot, in which i'm having major separation anxiety!
5-  recent overshare on twitter // yes, i have folded the toilet paper like this for 10+ years.
6-  the 'eldridge' elizabeth & james shades- aka my middle name! 
7-  sweet goodie in the mail from Dallas Shaw, welcoming me to the Dilly Dallas team!
8-  the sketch mr. tulip louise recently did for a BFF's {aka Southern Aisle} gorg wedding invitation!

yours truly-