TL : six things.

happy thursday, class!  today we will be discussing my top six {couldn't narrow it to five} things from the past week.  i'm pretty sure that's a good thing... oh, and it makes my little image display even.  big fan of that:   

left --> right  //  top --> bottom

1: the amazing sharpie display at office depot. 
2: a good messy hair day {dime a dozen, i say}.
3: festive butterfly wrapping paper, used to wrap a few goodies.
4: cute floral wellies {spotted at old navy}!
5: keeping the USPS in business by sending surprise packages to my friends + family. 
        *bonus: decorating the exteriors with big hearts + arrows.  just because.
6: fun manicure from a local fave {revive day spa}! 

as cliché as it may seem, are you taking time to smell the roses?  i sure hope so.  off to a styling appointment but i'll see you tomorrow - same time // same place.

yours truly-