holy organization, batman.

my good friend {ahem, jenn} has labeled me a "jewelry hoarder." although it had the gross word "hoarder" involved, i can definitely think of worse things to be coined.  since i don't see myself changing anytime soon, i may as well organize my hoarded collection.  right?  that being said, i got my organization on last night!  

behold.  one of the best inventions ever:

she's acrylic, minimal, expandable and only $15 at bb&b!  click here to grab your own.

how do you keep your jewelry in order?  i still need to do something with my bulky statement necklaces and am thinking a cork board project.  yes // no?

yours truly-
please check out this glorious client praise that landed in my inbox last night: "anna, i finally printed all my styling sessions in full color and as I am going through them i dearly LOVE them.  thanks so much for your talents and sharing them with me!!"  isn't she a peach?  i love my job.