pink bubbles.

it is monday, so per tradition i will be sharing my "local voice" on the StyleBy.Me blog today - head over now to catch up on the compilation of local fashion chatter that you may have missed this past week!!!

meet our sweet kitty, willow {aka 'fatfat'}. isn't her mask cuuute? she would like to wish y'all a happy new year! in the midst of frantically trying to figure out what to wear for NYE on friday, fatfat tried to convince me to just stay in and cuddle with her. it was a close call, but i refrained.

i ended up landing on this glitzy sequined jacket for the night- she is from the gap and i took her home with me, at a deep discount. even better, right? at first glance, this jacket could be taken as a one-note piece {ie NYE/dressy} but i have big plans for her! Casual plans.

the jacket was a tad too bulky at first, so i tied the drawstrings in the back to keep it more streamlined with the jumpsuit. red toes + red lips and the rest was black + sparkly. sadly, austin and i didn't click a single picture together but i did want to share with you... even if they are sad sad little iPhone snapshots:

pink bubbles on the brain...

yours truly-