the polka push.

mornin' sweet tulip louise-ers +!

have a nice weekend? mine was filled with a lovely TL styling session + a delicious couples dinner + a few cocktails on dickson and a {now} fully decorated Christmas mantle. pretty low key, but delightful all the same.


i'm totally seeing dots...

are you?

my personal obsession stems from this very top, of the alexa chung for madewell collection a few months back:

when traveling italy in september, i picked up a cream&black polka dot top from zara that has definitely graced these shoulders muuultiple times. i love the simplicity of the classic pattern and that you can quickly modernize your ensemble by sporting more than one polka piece at a time {no more than two though, ladies}. keep it classy.

a few available cuties, for your viewing pleasure:

Polka Push

yours truly-

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