happy NYE, kids-

tonight will be spent sipping champagne with close friends + a yummy dinner out + a slumber party! what will i be wearing, you may wonder? no idea. can you believe it? often times i end up liking outfits more when they're not pre-meditated. fingers crossed that tonight is one of those times ;)

one of my clients has skipped town for a week-long vacation to the lone star state. to help ensure that she'll be toasting in style, she asked me to drop by and pack her. she needed cute travel-wear, NYE wear and basketball game wear. {sidenote: when i asked her what color the team was [so i could incorporate it into her gameday look] she had not a clue... oh, a woman after my own heart!}

please note the following:
- used 1 pair of chocolate denim, multiple ways
- incorporated her {amazingly soft} leopard scarf 3 different ways
- worked in her frye cowgirl boots - it is texas, after all!


happy almost 2011!

yours truly-


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