dominate your leather pants.

it is monday, so per tradition i will be sharing my "local voice" on the StyleBy.Me blog today - head over now to catch up on the compilation of local fashion chatter that you may have missed this past week!!!


my dear was out of town this weekend, so i took the opportunity to catch up on some things around the lakehouse that have been sitting on my "to do" - aka my weekend was spent wrapping christmas gifts, designing shadowboxes, grocery shopping, cleaning + doing laundry. nothing too glamorous to report!

you're all aware of my love affair with leather pants, as pictured here {for www.StyleBy.Me}:

today i'm going to share with you a stylist trick of the trade. i was ecstatic to purchase my pair after this post, but once i took them out for a spin... the fun quickly stopped. i resembled ross from that episode of friends. c'mon, you know the one? click here for a refresher, if this doesn't spark something:

yeah, not cute.

quick fix : simply grab yourself a pair of tights to throw on underneath and all will be solved.

never claimed it was rocket science, just a trick!

yours truly-

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