nashville love shoot.

hi blog friends-

i know. i know. i was such a bad girl yesterday and didn't make a post. have no fear though, because i'm totally gonna make it up to you today!

a few weekends ago, my dear friend j {featured below fixing my wedding dress} called me for some last minute styling advice for her nashville love shoot with her adorable husband, s. this morning she shot over the final goods... deep breathe...

are you serious?

yup, those are "the" shoes. beyooond :

don't these make you wanna snuggle? :

please take note at the way she selected one colorful "wow" piece for each look and kept the rest neutral. great tip for anyone planning a shoot!

j + s, i can't say enough wonderful things about you - thank you for allowing us to take a sneak peek into your sweet relationship. maybe we should make this an annual tradition! ;)

yours truly-


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