in living color.

boy, do i have some exciting news for you - this very post represents the first installment of the "local voices" section of the site. the "local voices" compilation blog has asked a handful of local fashion bloggers to share their voice on what is going on in the fashion world {both, in our region and elsewhere} once a week! {tulip louise takes the stage every monday}. i am so thrilled to be a part of the blogging revolution and hope you will click here to check it out yourself!

bet you didn't know you were stopping by to see history made, huh?


today we are discussing a trend that has been turned upside down on its head in the fashion scene. today, we talk head-to-toe color. undoubtedly, the term "matchy- matchy" used to make us all shriek "eeeeewww" together in unison but hear me out...

right now, i absolutely suggest this to any woman that is looking to have the following two phrases whispered behind her back :

1 : "She is so chic!"
2 : "She is so pulled together!"

during my position at neiman marcus a few years back, and frequently working with the NM buyers, i always admired that they would pull this look off so well. they are time-strapped business women that need to be ready to jet set at a moments notice and this choice of theirs has since left a huge impression on me. that being said, i was beyond thrilled to see this look was given its proper credit on multiple fall '10 runways:

a few TL faves from the fall '10 shows {please click to enlarge}:

1- a.f. vandervorst | 2- ohne titel | 3- marc jacobs | 4- frank tell
5- burberry prorsum | 6- bottega veneta | 7- salvatore ferragamo | 8- akris

below, are two examples from a recent TL styling appointment in which we used this trend with approachable black! see how unbelievably elegant {and achievable} this can be? :

yours truly-