all i want for christmas.

happy monday tulip louise-ers +!

my newest personal obsession, geode jewels. yup, afraid this is what my brain looks like this very second:

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one for every finger, please...

the upside to this obsession is that you can score some really amazing geode jewels for a pretty reasonable price {check etsy + ebay}!

as wonderfully relaxing and amazing as our colorado vacation was, it didn't leave me feeling the most feminine. skiing is a bulky sport and to be quite honest it's really hard to emit any sort of style when on the slopes - it is very much function over fashion, which is usually never my motto. ie all the "wrong" kind of layers.

case in point:

since i've been back in the natural state i have buffed&polished my ragged nails + moisturized + cat napped; all of these things making me feel more and more like a lady by the second.

ahhh, i am me again.

hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving!

yours truly-