TL outfit

Last night I attended the AIA {American Institute of Architects} awards banquet in Little Rock, Arkansas. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know your audience when dressing.

Walk with me, talk with me. Let's dissect the crowd. Shall we?

Architect "likes":
Like A - Clean lines.
Like B - Black.
Like C - Charcoal.
Like D - Stiff Cocktails. {OK, so this one doesn't relate to the dress code we're discussing but it does explain the reason I woke up craving pizza. Thanks U.S. Pizza!}

Always striving for a fashion edge, yet to not stick out like a sore thumb is usually my goal. Once the crowd was assessed, I landed on the following:

Dress : H&M {Florence, Italy}
Pumps : Dolce Vita {TJ Maxx}
Aviators : Ray-Ban {Duty free @ London heathrow. Holla!}
Nailcolor : Jumpin' Jade by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri {Walgreens}
Hair : Center part + half back with bobby pins {please see "Like A"}

yours truly-